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Absolut $12
(Swedish grain vodka)

Absolut Flavors $12
(Citron, Kurant, Mango, Wild Tea, Vanilia, & Raspberri)

Belvedere $18
(Polish rye vodka distilled four times)

Belvedere Intense $18

Belvedere Pink Grapefruit $18
(Macerated with real Grapefruit)

Belvedere Citrus $18
(Macerated with lemon and lime)

Beluga $25
(Russian vodka made with hyaline artesian water from
Siberian springs)

Bison Grass $14
(Polish vodka flavored with essence from “Bison Grass”)

Charbay Blood Orange $14
(Blended with tree-ripened blood oranges from California)

Chopin $12
(Potato vodka from Poland)

Ciroc $14
(Grape vodka from the Cognac region in France – distilled five times)

Czar’s Village $18
(Russian vodka distilled from grain)

Effen Black Cherry Vanilla $12
(Vodka with natural black cherry and vanilla from Holland)

Finlandia $12
(Local grains filtered through glacial rock)

Grey Goose $14
(Grains from the breadbasket region of France)

Grey Goose La Poire $14
(Pear-flavored vodka from France)

Grey Goose L’Orange $14
(French grain vodka infused with four different types of oranges)

Hangar 1 $14
(American blend of wheat and viognier grapes)

Hangar One Kaffir Lime $14
(American vodka blended with Indonesian Kaffir limes)

Imperia $16
(Russian winter wheat vodka that is rigorously distilled eight times)

Imperial Coll. Super $20
(Russian grain vodka distilled through membrane filter – 100 proof)

Jewel of Russia $18
(Russian wheat filtered through a five-step slow-flow process)

Jewel of Russia Ultra $22
(Russian wheat that undergoes additional rectification)

Jewel of Russia Wild Berry $16
(Russian vodka blended with hand-picked wild bilberries)

Karlsson’s Gold $14
(Distilled from Swedish golden potatoes)

Ketel One $14
(Premium vodka from Holland filtered through charcoal)

Ketel One Citroen $12
(Citrus flavored vodka from Holland)

Russian Standard $14
(Traditional winter wheat vodka)

Stolichnaya $12
(Russian grain vodka with glacial water)

Stolichnaya Blueberi $12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with blueberries)

Stolichnaya Cranberi $12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with cranberries)

Stolichnaya Elit $18
(Distillation process using a modernized freezing method)

Stolichnaya Ohranj $12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with orange zest, juice and pulp)

Stolichnaya Vanil $12
(Russian grain vodka flavored with extracts of vanilla beans)

Ultimat $20
(Polish vodka distilled from grain and potatoes)

Zyr $12
(Russian winter wheat and rye distilled five times and filtered nine times)

Each flight comes with one 3/4oz taste of each spirit listed

Vodka Flight $26/30
A choice of 3 or 4 Russian vodkas
Karlson’s Gold
Jewel of Russia
Jewel of Russia Wild Berry Skyy

No dishes available